Spirit Filled Life – Daily Devotional for Tuesday October 4th 2016


Spirit Filled Life

Daily Devotional for Tuesday October 4th 2016

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;  Ephesians 5:18

Being born again is such a wonderful experience as well as it is an awesome privilege.  When we come to God by faith in the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary, we enter into an intimate relationship with Him.  Our old life cannot be compared to this new life that we have in Jesus Christ.  When we come to Christ at salvation, the Holy Spirit enters into us.  The Holy Spirit can only enter into us because of the blood of Christ having first been applied.  We become a temple where God Himself takes up residence. 

Now that we are saved, God’s desire is that we grow deeper in our relationship with Him.  We should not just be desiring to be used of God, but as Paul exhorted, also to be filled with the Spirit.  The Spirit of God will be able to work great and mighty things in your life that you never realize He would.  In our walk with the Lord, we should continually be desiring, hungering and thirsting for more of God in our lives.  We should also have a continual desire to be conformed into the image of Jesus. 

Paul exhorted the Ephesians, who had already came to Christ, to be filled with the Spirit.  If there is one thing that we are given opportunity to indulge freely in, it is the Holy Spirit.  John 4:14, Revelation 21:6.  God desires that His Spirit be so indwelled within you that He is able to have free reign within you.  Did you know that God has more of a desire to walk closely with you than you desire Him?  The fact that God sent His Son into this world was so He could remove sin from us and restore that relationship He so desired to have with us. 

Some signs that a person is growing more mature in their relationship with Jesus is that they desire to be emptied of self and filled with God.  Not only that, but also that they desire more of the things that edify others than themselves.  Another characteristic of spiritual maturity is that we long for the salvation of the lost.  Where are you in your walk with the Lord?  Are you desiring and hungering for God?  Are other earthly desires that keep your attention?  Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.  Matthew 5:6.

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