The Shepherd’s Provision in Adversity – Daily Devotional for Wednesday September 28th 2016


The Shepherd’s Provision in Adversity

Daily Devotional for Wednesday September 28th 2016

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies:  Psalm 23:5

How do you presently look at times of opposition?  How do you view adversity?  Most of us cringe at even the thought that our adversary is either present or about to attack us.  All too often we find ourselves avoiding trouble at any cost.  We so often run at the slightest sound from our enemy.  The Lord is interested in turning these events that you dread the most into experiences you long for.

Not only does the rod and staff comfort the sheep, but the presence of the shepherd also brings a comfort and confidence.  Young sheep may tremble at every sound, but the older sheep have grown to understand the comfort of the shepherd.  In what would seem like the most unusual place to be fed, filled and refreshed, is in the presence of our enemies.  This makes facing opposition a welcoming experience. 

With a good shepherd, the wolves and lions oftentimes resort to look upon the sheep but not be able to get to them.  Jesus our Shepherd has provided for us many times while the devil is reduced to watching us feed upon God’s provision.

When the enemy comes at us, we do not have to fear.  As a matter of fact, God has promised that in what would seem like the most uncomfortable circumstances, he would feed you and I.  Your life is safe with Jesus.  It does not matter how loud the devil growls.  If you are following Jesus, then the devil must make it passed your Shepherd before he can get to you.  In the family of God there is peace from the enemy.  No weapon that is formed against you can prosper. 

Do you find yourself without the spiritual nourishment you need?  It could be that when the enemy roars, he causes you to run from the very place where the Lord’s next provision is set waiting for you.  The devil doesn’t matter.  His growls are lies.  Trust the Lord especially during these times of opposition.  A table is spread in the very presence of our enemies. 

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