The Shepherd Provides – Devotion for Wednesday September 21st 2016


The Shepherd provides

Daily devotional for Wednesday September 21st 2016

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want…Psalm 23:1

A shepherd has a great responsibility to his flock.  The sheep rely on the shepherd for virtually everything.  Once a shepherd takes on the responsibility, his life is consumed in caring and providing for his sheep.

David spoke of a reality that as a shepherd, the sheep would not want or lack anything.  Knowing that David himself was also a sheep to the Lord, he would not lack either because the Lord would provide for his every need.

All who have surrendered their lives to following the Lord may not have realized how much care He would provide to them at the beginning.  We just longed to be freed from sins prison.  But Jesus desires to be your soul provider.  He wants to be the one that you run to for all of your needs. 

The Lord said He would satisfy your soul in drought.  Isaiah 58:11. David also revealed that there would be no want to them that fear (reverence) him.  Psalm 34:9. Apostle Paul said that the Lord would all supply all of your need according to His riches in glory! Philippians 4:19.

A lack of provision is obviously a sign that the Lord is not one’s shepherd.  If the Lord is your shepherd, then your needs will be met.  Jesus took on the responsibility of providing all your need.  “I shall not want!”  What a wonderful word.  One thing is for certain, all who have chosen to follow the Lord have found out that life is great in God’s sheepfold. 

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