30 Day Challenge and Reward


To all who have chosen Anchored In The Cross Ministries,

We would like to thank all of you who have faithfully visited and are following our daily devotions that we publish by the leadership of the Lord.  The Holy Spirit has burned within our very souls to write and publish the devotions and our prayer is that they will help you and encourage you in your walk with the Lord.

As you all may know, http://www.anchoredinthecross.com is a brand new website.  We believe that God has raised us up in order to help people and churches become rooted and established more firmly on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  We also believe that you are a vital part of this.

Are you Up to The Challenge?

We are now attempting to extend our outreach beyond. We will be extending an offer to the top 5 people who refer the most subscribers to this website.  Anchored in the Cross ministries will be offering a free eBook from the following:

CONTEXTUAL BIBLE STUDY SERIES on “Lesson 12 -The Book of Colossians” Contextual verse by verse commentary to the top 5 referrers.  This commentary is a product of what we have studied as well as revelation that the Lord has given us.  The book of Colossians is such a treasure chest of Spiritual revelation of the New Covenant that the Holy Spirit gave to Apostle Paul.

Our prayer is as always, that this offering will be a blessing to you, as well as other resources you find on http://www.anchoredinthecross.com.


Note:To every new subscriber referred, please have them include the email address of the person who referred them so we can keep an accurate count.

The Challenge ends midnight October 20th.  To all who are interested, we can send reminder emails when the challenge ends.

God bless

Thank you for supporting Anchored in the Cross Ministries


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