Shipwreck of Faith – Devotional for Wednesday September 14th 2016


Shipwreck of Faith

Daily devotional for Wednesday September 14th 2016

Holding faith, and a good conscience; which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck: 1 Timothy 1:19

According to Paul, our journey in this life as a Christian is compared to the voyage of a ship at sea.  Very turbulent waters from the adversary seek to capsize us while his winds of doctrine seek to run us aground.  In times of storm, the sailor relies on his compass for direction when the storm clouds are so heavy and there’s no ability to navigate by sight.  As children, our faith in God and conscience keeps us headed in the right direction. 

In storms, the crew have to make crucial decisions to throw overboard some nonessential things in order to stay afloat.  Some things are expendable while others are an absolute necessity for survival.  Paul gives us the secret to how some had caused great shipwreck and devastation to their spiritual lives.  Some had “put away” or thrown overboard a good conscience concerning their faith. 

We must hold faith in Christ as a possession that we hold so dear that we will not part with it for no amount of money.  We must hold faith with a good conscience.  This is vital to our spiritual victory.  If a good conscience is not maintained, then it will not be long before a person’s faith is shipwrecked at sea.  Our commitment to Christ is not an expendable item that can be tossed overboard in order save the ship.  As a matter of fact, we cannot float without it.  Paul declares that faith was made shipwreck because the good conscience had been put away. 

We are kept by the power of God and our faith in Christ keeps us afloat in the raging seas.  Is your voyage so much of a struggle that you feel as though you’re not going to be able to remain afloat?  Sin tares at the fabric of our faith.  It could be that sin may have crept into your life and now you are attempting to hold faith but have cast overboard your good conscience.  Everyone who has called on the Lord has seen the storms to cease and the waves to calm.  Repent and ask the Lord to forgive for anything that is keeping you from a good conscience.  Your victory at sea depend us returning to holding faith with a good conscience. 

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