Latest Pulpit Article coming very soon

The latest Anchored in the Cross Pulpit Article publishing very soon entitled
The Maschil of David: Victory at the Cave of Adullam 


We are very excited with everything God is doing in our lives.  This message encouraged us so much! This message was preached last Wednesday night at our church.  How encouraging it is to know that God will never fail you when you call upon His name.  Friend, Satan desires to destroy you in your times of distress, but there’s always a place to run to.  We can climb into the cleft of the rock, the opening where we find refuge from the storm, rest from our adversaries and peace from all calamities!  The body of Jesus was opened at the cross so that you and I can enter into Him and share in His victory that He won over the entire kingdom of Darkness!  Satan has no victory at the cross! His head was crushed at Calvary!  Entering into Jesus is a place where the enemy cannot harm; cannot overcome!  Thank God for the Cross!

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