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This manual is a product of my own personal life as a child of God.  I’ve gone through some tremendously hard times in my Christian life, but I’ve found the Lord to be faithful through it all.  I’ve spiritually fell on my face at times in defeat.  This is not an instruction or guide into religion.  If your heart is attentive to the Lord and as Barnabas exhorted the believers at Antioch, that with purpose of heart they would cleave unto the Lord (Acts 11:23), then you will see God perform great and mighty things in your life. 
If the original men who followed Jesus, followed him whole-heartedly, should we not also expect to go to the same school as the apostles?  Being a disciple requires discipline.  It requires that we submit ourselves under the mighty hand of God and allow Him to mold and fashion us into the vessel He wants us to become.  I am totally convinced that the believer’s greatest weakness today is that we often times desire the spiritual victories, but are not as willing to be instructed by the Lord in scripture.  This world so desperately needs to see true followers of Jesus Christ instead of the bland and powerless facade of Christianity that is so often promoted in our world.   From my studies in the scriptures, the instructions of Jesus to His disciples were as much geared toward a removal of things from them as much as a placing of things within them.  
If you have a greater desire within your heart to know Jesus and become the man or woman He desires you to be, and to find the will of God in your life, then the Lord will open your understanding to His will.  Remember that it was the no name fishermen sons of Zebedee who became great men of God.  It was the sons of Alphaeus who became men used mightily of God.  Their road, however, started with a simple call to be a disciple or follower of Jesus.  Jesus is still yet calling today for men and women to learn of Him; not to learn of religion or not necessarily what your church may be teaching if it does not line up with true biblical discipleship.  Will you forsake all and follow Jesus?  Will you submit your life to the discipleship teachings of Jesus?
The burden of my soul has been poured into this teaching in hopes that the truths that have taken me many years to discern, recognize, understand, and learn will bring forth a clearer understanding for you and redeem the time for you as a child of God to become the mature follower God intends you to be.
The Holy Bible is still revered in the majority of the world as the word of God, but has been reduced in application.  This meaning that the Word of God is often read, but seldom acted upon and lived by.  Jesus said plainly that it’s not the hearer that will stand in times of storm, but the doer.  This biblical teaching of following Jesus is not popular to the world, or even the majority of the church world and will be rejected by most people because it requires a surrendering of our will and lives, but its effects and rewards are eternal. 
Becoming a disciple of Jesus caused 11 men to turn the world upside down and revolutionize the world for the Kingdom of Heaven.  If you will submit yourselves to the teachings of Jesus and fully surrender your will to the will of God, the Lord will once again bring forth a work; a move of God; a restoration of the gospel that America and the rest of the world so desperately stands in need of.  The world doesn’t need to see religion; it needs to see Christ in you! The salvation of the world depends on you and I returning to becoming and walking daily as disciples of Jesus.

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