God’s Treasury House

Daily Devotional for October 19th

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19

When ancient kingdoms collided in time of war, the conquering kingdom would always take the treasures of the defeated kingdom. They would take their gold, silver, apparel, even the idol images were removed and taken as what was known as the spoils of war. These spoils were returned to the conquering kingdom’s land to a certain place; the treasury house in the kingdom.

Things are no different in God’s kingdom. God has a treasury house where everyone in His kingdom has their needs supplied. These true riches are afforded to us because of the battle that Jesus fought and won for each of us at Calvary’s Cross. Jesus and Satan collided at a battlefield known to us as the cross and there He spoiled principalities, powers, etc. Colossians 2:15.

Ancient Egypt was so great of an empire that they not only had treasury houses; they ordered the Hebrew slaves to build treasure cities Pithom and Raamses. (Exodus 1:11) Because of this great victory, Jesus has in the treasury house of Heaven everything that you and I will ever need. It is not necessary to go anywhere else for provision. Jesus paid it all and so greatly desires to give unto you the things that you truly need. As a matter of fact, no treasures are available apart from Christ.

Do you need cleansing from sin? God’s treasury house is abundant with mercy and grace. Do you need victory over a besetting sin in your life? The treasury house has your victory. Do you need a job or help with finances? God has a bountiful supply. Do you need healing? Jesus is still the healer! Does the enemy have you bound with spiritual chains? Jesus has the keys to set you free. Are you seeking deeper truths in the Christian life? God’s treasury house is full because of the battle Jesus won for us! He said seek and ye shall find. Trust Him today and He will supply ALL you need according to His riches in glory!

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AnchoredDevotionalI cannot stress enough the importance of daily devotion and what it has done in my own personal life.  After experiencing times of great victory, followed by times of great failures, I realized that something was not exactly right in my walk with the Lord.  I’m sure you’ve heard many people testify of the ups and downs in their Christian life.  We hear so much of the proverbial “spiritual rollercoaster” that it has been widely accepted as common Christianity.  Once I started taking time out each morning to seek God’s face for wisdom and direction through prayer and His Holy word, I started noticing that the ups and downs of my common Christian experience were no longer happening to the degree they were before.  It was like I had finally gotten off of the rollercoaster.

Are you tired of living up one day and down the next?  If so, then set some time aside each morning; purpose in your heart to seek God daily.  If you will do this, your Christian life will become concreted, anchored, and stedfast and unmovable in Christ.  It is my prayer that this Daily Devotional will help you do just that.  It will help you develop a daily seeking of God’s face for circumstances you face.  Daily devotion is key to sailing victoriously.  We will update you when this becomes available for free eBook download in the Resource Store.

Keep sailing brothers and sisters.

God Bless




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Exalting Jesus Above Everything!


Are you living your life apart from God? 


Hope for the Hopeless

As we have said many times, there is such a reality of knowing Jesus!  Our concern is that there are many people who may attend church, but do not know the reality of relationship with Jesus!  Jesus has promised living water unto those who are thirsty!  This living water satisfies!  An experience with Christ will not leave you feeling like you’re still unsatisfied.  He will satisfy every longing within you.

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