Captain’s Journal – 02212020.1450 Undiscernible Resistance

Undiscernible Resistance: Spiritual Oppression

Is your daily walk one of constant opposition? Does it seem that nothing comes easy to you and that no one else wrestles like you do? Take heart for I’ve got Good News! Your adversary the devil, knows he cannot overcome you with God on your side. This is evidence that you are gaining ground in the devil’s territory. Don’t stop! Keep marching! Press on! God is with you!

Like the disciples, you will always be met with the devil’s contrary winds when you’re walking in the will of God. As with all kingdoms, Satan guards his territory, prisoners of war, and assets. Because we walk by faith and not by sight, we enter these territories without being aware. The only thing we discern is the enemy’s opposition.

The most frustating part of opposition is that it is almost always undisernable. Sometimes we do not realize what we’re experiencing is actually attacks from Satan’s army. But keep in mind one thing, if the opposition you experience is limited only to when your ministering, praying, or moving in God’s direction, it’s a clear sign, whatever that form of resistance is, it is demonic oppression.

If you’re in ministry, you must realize that God’s direction for you is to rescue imprisoned souls, set men and women free. It’s to tare down the devil’s strongholds. Because of this, Satan will oppose all who come against his works in the world. When you pray for, visit, and/or minister to souls who are held captive to the devil, you must be aware that you will be met with opposition. You will literally cross over into enemy lands and experience opposing forces. You will literally wrestle principalities. Here are some signs that you are facing spiritual oppression: Distractions from your purpose Depression for no reason Discouragment for no reason Frustration of purpose Constant resistance when march in the direction of God’s will

If you keep fighting, you will be victorious! The only way the devil can win is to stop you from proceeding. Sadly, he accomplishes this in many lives. Don’t let him stop you! He cannot stop you. If you quit, it will be you who has chosen it, not the devil. Keep pressing! Keep bearing down! God’s plan will be fulfilled! Opposition is strong, but God’s strength to overcome is stronger! God’s strength will be made perfect in your weakness.

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