The Anchor Holds – Daily Devotion for November 11th

The Anchor Holds

Daily Devotional for November 11th

The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yeah, than the mighty waves of the sea. Psalm 93:4

Every ship and crew are continually at the mercy of the sea.  Similarly, our lives are at the mercy of what life throws at us.  Much like the waves toss the ship about, the raging issues of life continually toss us to and fro.  Unless our life has an anchor, we would go under in destruction.

Even though the seas are shifty and so uncertain, ships are able to safely maneuver across them because of the stedfastness of the anchor.  Once something is set in place, it is established and therefore, cannot be moved.  In this Psalm, there are a few things that have been established and will not be changed. The world is “also” stablished, that it cannot be moved.

Presidents come and go.  Leaders come and go, but Gods’ throne is established forever.  These things are sure; they are stedfast.  God Himself is the anchor.  Once our faith is established in God, we will not be moved.  David declared that the Lord was his rock and He (David) would not be moved.  This tells us that God will be our anchor.  It’s amazing how a boat sits upon the water and is totally subject to the movement of the water.  But once the anchor is set at the bottom of the sea, then the boat is tied to an established object.

The throne of God will never seat anyone upon it except for God Himself.  Most of us lose many of life’s battles simply because we have chosen to trust in something other than Christ.  We are safe in trusting in Jesus for everything we will encounter in our life.  Is your life shifting, tossing and turning you?  Are you drowning in the despair of life’s struggles?  If you will cast your anchor and set it in Jesus, then you too will be able to weather the storms that all of us face.  None of us are exempt from storms, but we are promised that we shall not be moved.

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