Righteousness of a Nation – Daily Devotion for November 10th

Righteousness of a Nation

Daily Devotional for November 10th

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.  Proverbs 14:34

Contrary to what multitudes may think, nations do not rise to great influence and become world powers for no reason.  There is a great difference between a nation just being in existence, and a nation being exalted.  One of the reasons God chooses to exalt a nation above others in order to display how He blesses them.  The secular world, though, sees the cause of the rising of a nation as merely due to alliances, influences, etc.

Some nations of the world have been around for many centuries, but it doesn’t mean that they have been exalted above other nations.  A thriving economy doesn’t exalt a nation.  Military technology doesn’t exalt a nation.  For a nation to be exalted above all others, only one thing brings this; and that is righteousness.

When a nation signs into law the slaughter of innocent unborn babies without consequence, they welcome upon themselves God’s wrath.  When persecution of God’s people is allowed, then that nation will find themselves on the wrong side of the Lord.  When a nation sets in order laws that prohibit wickedness, then they have afforded unto themselves a great service.  When a people stand up for moral values over anything else, they truly understand the main ingredient that brings about the exalting of a nation.

The Lord promised to Abram that He would make of him a great nation.  Israel was established as a nation based upon their covenant with God.  Nations rise based upon their commitment to God.  If a nation upholds its moral values and stands against things that are contrary to the word of God, then God will rise any nation to be the example to the rest of the world.  But if that nation continues to legislate immorality and welcome all forms of sin without judgment, then it will become a nation where sin is a reproach.

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