Walking With a Spiritual Limp – Daily Devotion for August 15th

Walking With a Spiritual Limp

Daily Devotional for August 15th

But their eyes were holden that they should not know him. And he said unto them, What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another, as ye walk, and are sad? Luke 24:16-17

How often do we walk on for God as if nothing is really wrong with us? Do we realize we can do more damage by walking on and ignoring our trouble? As devastating as walking on an injured leg is, walking with a spiritual limp is worse. Most of the time, pastors, preachers and bible teachers are those who attempt to walk with problems inside their own heart. Are you in ministry attempting to go on about your work for the Lord, but there’s a struggle within your inner being?

You cannot put your full weight into your walk when you are injured. Spiritually, you cannot go on for God the way you need to with spiritual hurts. Harmful words spoken can cause severe damage inside you. People say you are not good enough or your labor is in vain. When they say Nothing you’re doing is helping, or God forbid they say you are a hypocrite; a fake. Weariness can even come when you’ve labored in the gospel and exerted much energy but see very little results, if any at all. All of these things can cause our walk to be hindered.

Active sin will also bring about a severe slowing of pace in your walk with God. The loss of a loved one or not seeing someone get the healing or deliverance you know Jesus wanted them have can cause a great adversity in your work for God. Sometimes we don’t know what is wrong with us. At times, we must ask the Great Physician to diagnose our problem. Sometimes the hurt is too deep to verbalize and we must lean on the Holy Spirit to intercede for us. We must come before Him seeking that thing that ails us.

When these men walked together, their hearts were no doubt broken as they talked about this Jesus who had hoped that He would have redeemed Israel. They were severely affected as the journeyed. Jesus would not leave them injured nor will He allow you to walk this journey injured. Even though your members may not be maimed, your spirit; the inner man, can be so devastated that it causes you to either quit walking altogether, or else slow your pace down to a crawl.

Are you in ministry having people depending on you to continue pressing on? Are you the spiritual leader in your home or at work and know you must keep plotting along but have serious hurts inside? Are you in need of spiritual healing? Friend, your inner being may be screaming on the inside of you to come before Jesus and just lay your heart before Him. Don’t go on or try to walk with a spiritual cane or crutches. You need the touch of Jesus. He will reach His hand to you. He doesn’t want you to go on for Him in His work while you’re hurt on the inside. Call to Him today. He will heal your inner hurt. He will put the skip back in your steps.

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