The Loss of Your Ship – Daily Devotion for August 9th

The Loss of Your Ship

Daily Devotional for August 9th

But after long abstinence Paul stood forth in the midst of them, and said, Sirs, ye should have hearkened unto me, and not have loosed from Crete, and to have gained this harm and loss. And now I exhort you to be of good cheer: for there shall be no loss of any man’s life among you, but of the ship. Acts 27:21-22

How do you deal with losing costly material things? Are there things so valuable that you couldn’t possibly imagine living your life without them? What about things you count on; things you trust in? What is that one thing you run to every time you get in a bind? In this generation in which we live, many people have developed so many safety nets and fail-safes just in case God does not come through for them in their time of need. It’s not that we should not have our eyes open to other ways God may choose to deliver, but the question then becomes what are we really trusting in?

As we continue to dive into this destructive hurricane at sea during Paul’s voyage to Rome, we cannot help but see how vital the ship was to all onboard; except for Paul. The ship’s value was beyond price as it should have been! And with the depths below them and rages winds above them, the ship was their only hope; that is for those who were not leaning on Jesus. It’s not that the Lord desires to take away all good things in our lives, but some things we trust in cannot deliver us from every storm. Only God can.

If we are completely honest, we must admit there are some things that we refuse to live without. Most of the time, these things have done nothing but hinder us from sailing on with Jesus. We must quit holding on to things that are sure to fail. Let these things go! We have so limited our view on how we think God will get us where He wants us to go. We say in our hearts, God will carry me through this storm using this ship that I’m currently sailing on. However, it could be your ship that is holding you back from going on for God.

Sometimes we have to abandon ship. Sometimes we must wreck the ship in order to survive. Sometimes you have to sacrifice things you love the most simply because you’ve replaced God for that one thing. We have to learn to let go of even the things that are most valuable to us. It’s an admiral thing for the captain to go down with the ship, but does it also say to all who view I refuse to lose the thing that has made me captain? Friend, there’s no shame in letting it go. We hold on to our plans. Some are destined to fail. Jesus will never fail. Choosing between my ship that I’ve sailed on for so long and Jesus that I’ve leaned on, we must succome to letting the ship sink. Paul revealed a terrible demise for the ship and crew and that was; no one will die, but the ship will be lost. Friend, God cares more about you than He does your assets. The ship will be lost but God will see you through everything you face.

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