Sailing Against the Winds – Daily Devotion for July 25th

Sailing Against the Winds

Daily Devotional for July 25th

And when we had launched from thence, we sailed under Cyprus, because the winds were contrary. And when we had sailed over the sea of Cilicia and Pamphylia, we came to Myra, a city of Lycia. Acts 27:4-5

God has a glorious purpose in your life friend. You have a destination; a direction; a purpose that your life without God cannot even begin to compare to it. The course of the world is driven by the raging waves of the sea and driving forces of Satan’s storms, but the child of God has such a greater driving force behind it. Your course has been charted by God Himself. Your course is also driven by the power of God.

One of life’s misconceptions is that if we go in God’s direction for our life that everything will be smooth sailing. But what few may realize, Satan will hinder your direction by blowing contrary winds. Relationships will be strained, arguments will come, and trials within the body of Christ will attempt to redirect God’s direction in your ministry. Satan will seek to turn the entire direction of your ship so that you do not reach the destination God has intended. If Satan comes to stand against you when you are walking in the will of God, do you think you must lower your sails, drop anchor and wait for Satan’s storm to pass?

Few, who understand that Satan will oppose your direction, believe that we have the ability to sail through these winds. It is possible to sail in the same direction the winds are blowing. How is that possible if the ship depends on the wind to move it? But it takes courage and wisdom of an experienced sailor to navigate in contrary winds. When contrary winds blow, you can adjust the sails with courage knowing that our God is on the ship with you.

Don’t let Satan’s winds cause fear to enter your heart! If you’re sailing in God’s direction for you, there is nothing that Satan can do that God will not see you through. Satan is a coward! His plans only succeed when you run in fear and unbelief. But if you will face the winds with the assurance that the same Jesus who has brought you safely this far will be continue to be with you, then you WILL sail safely against the winds.

Satan is literally terrified of the One who sails with you! He runs in terror when a person presses on in God’s direction in the midst of His storms. It is because you have submitted your ship to God’s course knowing that there is a greater God that will go with me that any force of wind that can blow against me! If you’re facing Satan’s storms, don’t lower your sails and allow Satan to effect your direction. Simply adjust them in faith and bear down into the storm. God is with you! He will bring you through Satan’s contrary winds!

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