Iron Sharpens Iron – Daily Devotion for June 26th


Iron Sharpens Iron

Daily Devotional for June 26th

Iron sharpeneth Iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Proverbss 27:17

Don’t judge me! This is the most popular response to correction in our times.  Judging and offering instruction are two totally different things but they have been so blurred these days.  Why do so many have this attitude toward others regarding advice?  Have you noticed one of the hardest things you’ll ever do is accept criticism from someone?  This attitude for this is motivated by the idea that no one has walked in your shoes or no one has been where you’ve been.  It’s almost as if the advice has a perceived judgment with it.  While it would be very rare for someone to accept advice from a stranger, the chances of receiving it from a friend are far better.

Are you usually offended when someone tries to help you? The biggest hindrance to us taking instruction from someone is our pride.  But if the advice that came through even our worst enemy made us a better person or brought us into a greater knowledge or wisdom, why shouldn’t we receive it?  It’s wonderful how Solomon uses the analogy of sharping metal with metal to describe how man can have an improving quality on another.  How exactly does iron sharpen iron? 

Sharping metal comes through at least two different methods; shaping through impact and shaping through friction. Many of life’s tragedies impact us and have a lasting impression on us; thus forging us. Men and women in your life can make significant impacts on you through their wisdom and experience.  The sharpening through friction is revealed in the correction our parents gave us when we erred or the advice a friend gave you that made you angry but they didn’t care about your reaction, they only cared about you learning from a mistake in order to grow from a particular bad experience.

Do you welcome correction from a loved one? Do you find any type of instruction offensive?  Sometimes the Lord uses our friends, family and even strangers to instruct us into truth.  If you cannot allow the word of God to mold you, then there will come a time when that resistance to correction will result in devastating outcomes.  Solomon also said open rebuke is better than secret love and faithful are the wounds of a friend. Proverbs 27:5-6.  Are you allowing the word of God to shape you?  Submission to God’s word will shape you to become what you need to be for God.  Ask the Lord today to inspect you, reveal those places in your life that need shaping, and watch as the sharpening comes, forging you into a wonderful instrument He can use.

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