The Foreship Anchor – Daily Devotion for April 26th

The Foreship Anchor

Daily Devotional for April 26th

And as the shipmen were about to flee out of the ship, when they had let down the boat into the sea, under colour as though they would have cast anchors out of the foreship, Acts 27:30

Sailing in these rough spiritual seas of life require us to become knowledgeable and wise in our Christian lives. As some have said, Smooth waters never made skilled sailors. Many believers are shipwrecked in their faith today due to not knowing how to posture ourselves in the storms. God wants us to learn how to sail; how to survive the rough waters so that we can disciple others to do the same.

Every large merchant ship was equipped with anchors in the foreship (front) as well as the stern (rear). The foreship anchors were the most effective anchors for a few reasons. First, the foreship or bow of the ship was designed with a point in order to cut the water. When the ship sailed the oceans under normal conditions, the bow cut through the waters providing less resistance. In times of storm the bow anchor was cast. Once the anchor took hold, an amazing thing would take place. The front of the ship would turn and face the storm. The experienced sailors knew that the most effective way to survive the storm waves was to allow the bow to cut through.

What this means to us is simple; the most effective way for us to survive the spiritual storms of life is to face them. Once you anchor yourself in Jesus, the Lord will bring about your ship to where you can face your difficulty head on. Many of us want to ignore our problems or else pretend they aren’t there. Jesus, our captain, will be our strength but will position us to take on the storm. We can literally face anything and everything that the storms of life blow our way as long as Jesus stands with us.

Waves crashing against the side of the ship will eventually batter it or even capsize the ship. The same waves beating against the rear of the ship will do the same. It’s because the ship is designed to face the storms. Jesus, our anchor, will turn you in the safest place to survive; and that is; to face the storm. Are you finding yourself unwilling to face your problems? Are you finding it difficult to turn your ship around to deal with the storms. You can’t without Jesus. But if you will call on Jesus, the foreship anchor, He will bring you about and give you the strength to face your storm and survive. Your strength lies in your anchor. You can face anything with Jesus! Let Him hold you today.

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