Ship Driven But Not Turned – Daily Devotion for April 21st

Ship Driven But Not Turned

Daily Devotional for April 21st

Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds, yet are they turned about with a very small helm, whithersoever the governor listeth.  James 3:4

Winds can be viewed as favorable or contrary depending on how you look at them.  The same is with our problems.  We can either view life’s difficulties as negative events or we can use them to propel us to the place the Lord desires us to go. If you notice, the many tragedies people face wind up being the turning point in their life.  You can spend your whole life looking at the wreckage or you can take that experience to the Lord and allow Jesus to transform it into a blessed turning point for you.  Jesus is the only One who can accomplish this.

Fierce winds are powerfully driving winds across the ocean that create many effects.  The winds cause the waves to whip and crash, as well as carrying materials with it such as debris, rains etc.  They can also be of varying speeds with gusts which are sustained and blusterous.  Fierce winds, though, do not necessarily mean bad winds.  Fierce is defined as hard, tough or harsh.  James says ships are driven of these kinds of winds.  Ships are built to not only withstand these extreme conditions, but are built to use them.  Do you realize that it sometimes it takes difficulties to move us, not to our detriment, but for our benefit?

You may be in a place of difficulty today and it is pushing you our of your safe port.  The Lord sometimes allows these winds to blow to move us.  Sometimes we have to be moved because we have the tendency to want to drop anchor far too long at the ports we have come to love.  While God wants us to enjoy the sunsets where we are, He also desires that we continue sailing.  Have you found yourself tied up at some port not wanting to leave?  Have you said in your heart, Lord I think this is where I will stay the remainder of my days…? 

Don’t fear the fierce winds.  Even though they may howl or drive destructive debris with them, these winds do not have to control the direction of the ship.  The bible tells us here that even though the winds blow, the ships are turned about, not by the winds, but by a very small helm.  Your trials have no power over you friend.  It’s what we allow or accept that changes the outcome.  Your storms may push your ship, but you have the ability to use the helm to turn it about with the help of the Lord.

Don’t let life’s fierce winds to direct you, but use the power of them in your favor.  No experienced sailor submits the direction of his ship to the winds or else there would be no need for the helm.  He simply uses the winds to his advantage.  So should we dear sister/ brother.   The Lord has greater sunsets for you to view.  He has more wonderful spiritual places to take you.  We aren’t home yet friend.  We’re still sailing.  Ships are driven, not directed, of fierce winds.  Sailors don’t run from the winds, but need them.  The reason we hoist the sails is for the winds to push it.Use these fierce winds to your favor.  Adjust your sails!  Grab the helm and point it in God’s direction. 

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