Religion or Jesus – Daily Devotion for April 4th

Religion or Jesus

Daily Devotional for April 4th

Then the Pharisees went out, and held a council against him, how they might destroy him. But when Jesus knew it, he withdrew himself from thence: and great multitudes followed him, and he healed them all; Matthew 12:14-15

When the world views church today, most are so confused by the different varieties. Religious people want to promote their certain brand of Christianity or the truth as they see it. But every true child of God is not interested in pushing their particular brand, but Jesus; the one who has forgiven and set them free.

Some churches today have become convoluted in their approach of witnessing that the world is either confused or else has given up hope in the church. We promote church dinners, events and youth gatherings, but the focus is drawn away from Jesus. Can you truly say you are promoting the joy of knowing Jesus? Most people start out in relationship with Jesus but their focus gets shifted onto religious things without them realizing it. You will notice your relationship is hindered when the presence of God is not as real as it was, when your prayer life is shrunken, and when your desire to read the word of God has diminished.

When Jesus came into the world, the religious world was thriving. Religion is merely an empty form of godliness. It has crept into the world, but is making its way into the church. Jesus and religion cannot exist at the same time in a person’s life. The one is against the other. It was religion that turned Jesus in to Pilate. While the rest of the world is drowning in the muck of religion, there is a glorious relationship with Jesus that can be enjoyed. The world does not want what religion offers. They can be as dead in sin as they can in religion.

If you’re truly a child of God, then you must realize that it was nothing religious that caused you to be saved; only the blood of Jesus when you called out to Him in repentance. Your focus and attention has to remain on Jesus. Don’t allow religious people to turn your attention from relationship with Jesus. In living for Jesus, you will enjoy the presence of God as you commune with Him daily. Jesus promised He would come unto us; He would take up abode with us. Examine yourself and turn loose of the religious things that may prevent you from serving Jesus.

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