Faith as a Shield – Daily Devotion for February 6th

Faith As a Shield

Daily Devotional for February 6th

Above all, taking the shield of faith wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. Ephesians 6:16

When we think of faith, do we ever honestly consider faith as a shield? Does faith ever enter our minds as something that protects us? We know that faith is to us as a baseball glove is to a baseball; something with which we receive the promises of God as a glove receives a baseball. But faith is much more than that. We receive protection by faith as well.

The use of faith all pertains to what it is in reference to. When it comes to the promises of God, faith is a means of receiving. But in light of spiritual warfare, faith becomes a protector; a shield. If you notice, the wicked one will launch fiery darts; or flaming arrows at you. These arrows are not meant to cause immediate destruction, but the arrow is meant to start a destructive fire once it lands on its intended target to burn down everything around it. Beware of the fiery darts of Satan. His intention is to place thoughts, events that will create a domino effect; start a fire that will burn everything in its path.

Faith then plays a very significant roll in our defense. Paul said Above All. The shield of faith is vital to prevent the devil’s darts from consuming you. A Jewish soldier’s shield was usually a piec of thick wood wrapped in leather that required continual inspection and treatment. The soldier maintained the integrity of the shield by applying oil to the leather to keep it from drying out. The same thing exists for us today. We cannot allow our faith to be compromised. The word quench means to extinguish or put out. When the enemy launches fiery darts at us, our faith must quench all of them.

When satan comes and lies to you, do you usually believe what he says? When thoughts of doubt and news of tragedy comes, do you usually expect the worst? When sickness or oppression comes upon you, do you usually accept whatever comes, or do you rise up in and hold up the shield of faith to quench, not just some, but all of the devil’s darts? God promised that the shield of faith would quench all of satan’s arrows. Do you believe that? Examine your shield of faith and see if some of satan’s attacks are permitted to strike you. Just because satan launches them, it does not mean they cannot be quenched. God has promised your faith can be used to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

2 thoughts on “Faith as a Shield – Daily Devotion for February 6th

  1. Thank you brother, I am meditating upon those ending questions…I know satan often mixes truth with lies…all the more reason to keep in Gods word! May our Lord continue to inspire and uphold you.

    • Thank you so much sister! The Lord is upholding me in glorious fashion! We preached last night with wonderful liberty and anointing! I can’t thank you enough for the prayers! I’m continuing to pray for you that God will open a greater door of utterance to you and your ministries!

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