Waxing Strong – Daily Devotion for January 31st

Waxing Strong

Daily  Devotion  for  January  31st

And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel. Luke 1:80

The natural course of our Christian experience should be one of growth. You should be stronger in the Lord now than you were before. Many people want to become stronger in themselves, their attitudes, personality, convictions, etc. God desires that we be stronger in His Spirit; in Him. We miss the mark at times in regards to being strong in the Lord, for the most part, because we tend to lean more toward self than toward God.

This verse is in reference to John the Baptist. When he was a child, the Spirit of God was with him. The Lord was preparing him for the call he was to fulfill; and that was, to be the prophet of the Highest. Your calling of God cannot be fulfilled by a higher education, self-help, self-esteem or anything else in this world. God empowers those whom He has called to fulfill His will with His Holy Spirit. It is the Spirit of God that works and moves within our lives to fulfill God’s purpose in the world.

The word wax is a very interesting word. It has been associated most of the time with the moon and its phases. When the moon is described as waxing, it means that more light from the sun is being shown on it. This is exactly the way that we wax strong. We wax strong by turning our lives in a direction where the power of God can work through us. The people in the bible who accomplished great things in their lives, forsook their own strength, and placed their trust in God alone.

Paul exhorted us to be strong and in the power of His might. Ephesians 6:10. How do we wax strong in the Lord? As with every child, there is a natural humility and attitude that they can do nothing naturally place themselves helpless because they realize they are helpless. The power of God is always present in a life that trusts not in self, but in God alone. We wax strong in the Lord by looking completely unto Jesus and saying “Lord I’ll fail unless you help me.” Once we forsake our own strength, knowledge and ways to work out the problems in our lives, the power of God will come. Once God’s Spirit comes, you will wax strong in the Lord.

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