Leaning On Jesus – Daily Devotion for December 11th


Leaning On Jesus

Daily Devotional for December 12th

Then the disciples looked one on another, doubting of whom he spake. Now there was leaning on Jesus’ bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved.  John 13:22-23

One of the most wonderful places any person could ever be is leaning on Jesus. For one thing, it means we are in His presence. His presence brings such a comfort and peace. John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, was found leaning on Jesus in a time when other disciples had forsaken (John 6:66) and were betraying Him (Luke 22:48, John 13:21). Jesus revealed that one; namely Judas, would betray Him.  All of the disciples were earnestly troubled while Judas no doubt squirmed where he sat.

When we lean, it also means that we are not trusting in ourselves; our strengths, purposes, our ambitions and will. The reality is simply this; every person in the world is leaning upon something. Some people find it foolish to trust in Jesus. They say they cannot place their lives into someone else’s hands, but find themselves willing to trust in man’s devices such as giving themselves into the hands of a doctor or surgeon, driving across bridges and even jump out of airplanes trusting in the parachutes abilities to safely carry them to the ground.

Although John literally leaned on the bosom of Jesus, we still have the ability to spiritually lean on Him today. When Jesus said He was going away but would send another comforter, He meant that as He was to His disciples, so would the Holy Spirit be. We have the ability today to trust completely in Jesus. While the eye cannot see, nor the ear hear, leaning on Jesus will bring such peace and comfort to us. Leaning teaches us to depend upon what Jesus can do, instead of what we can do. Most of us have already realized the messes we are able to make when we attempt to fix problems on our own. Once you lean on the Lord for the first time and see how He will work mightily in your life, leaning on Jesus becomes the only thing that makes sense.

One thought on “Leaning On Jesus – Daily Devotion for December 11th

  1. Such excellent teaching. For sure, the Lord can allow/create a perfect storm in our lives where all help and counsel are somehow unavailable or distant. When I’ve found myself totally alone, in grief and despair, that’s when He so clearly calls, ‘Here I Am, lean on Me’.
    You will never forget that stretch on the narrow road.

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