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Just To Say Thank You!  

We are thankful to all of you for your continued interest in wDisciples of Jesus  As a token of our appreciation to all of you, we are offering an opportunity for those who desire a deeper walk with God, along with those who seek a greater understanding of what it truly means to be a Disciple of Jesus.  This discipleship teaching compares and contrasts the genuine follower of Jesus from the mainstream Christianity that is so promoted in our churches today.  If you desire to live the Christian life the way Jesus taught, then this manual will help you do just that.  If you desire to walk in God’s anointing, if you desire God’s presence in your daily life, then God will grant you just that.  The foundation of our Christian life is found in walking as a Disciple of Jesus!

In order to access and download the free Disciples of Jesus Discipleship Manual, simply follow link :
Disciples Of Jesus
and enter 
Password: DiscipleManual1 when prompted.

If your interested in our Contextual Bible Study Series below, contact us for a password to access those.

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