Does Jesus Not Care About Me? Daily Devotion for November 1st


Does Jesus Not Care About Me?

Daily Devotional for November 1st

And there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full.  And he was in the hinder part of the ship, asleep on a pillow: and they awake him, and say unto him, “Master, carest thou not that we perish.”  Mark 4:37-38

Master, do you not care that we perish?  Isn’t that a strange question to ask?  Do you know that an unbelieving world wonders the same thing today?  There are so many people in our world that see the affection that you and I have for Jesus Christ and God the Father, but they cannot be comforted in their situation with just the benefits that you and I enjoy.  The world doesn’t believe that Jesus cares about them or what they’re going through.  But this could not be further from the truth. 

With the entire New Testament Church in a sinking ship, it looked as though their future was bleak.  The ship was just about to sink and uncertainty filled their hearts.  Things seemed hopeless except for one thing; Jesus was in the boat with them.  Today, it seems as though the church of Jesus Christ is under attack.  We see that Christian people are targeted all over the world.  Make no mistake, Jesus sees and cares.  As a matter of fact, if you’re a child of God then Jesus never leaves.  He never forsakes!  He’s still in the ship with us!  He’s in the midst of your storm today.  Jesus takes ownership of His children.  Have you ever noticed when people pick on your kids, the whole family gets involved?  The whole clan rallies around them.  When the world persecutes Christians, they are actually persecuting Jesus himself.  Think about this for a moment.  When Saul of Tarsus was persecuting the church, Jesus appeared unto him saying, “Saul, why are you persecuting me?” 

The disciples were in a ship with the command to pass over to the other side.  They were never destined to perish at sea. Jesus said, “Let us pass over to the other side.”  There was a great need on the other side of the sea.  A man of the Gadarenes who was so bound by Satan that he was an outcast without God, without hope in the world.  He needed the touch of Jesus too.  He needed to know that Jesus loved him.  Have you ever wondered why you go through the trials and troubles you go through?  Could it be that there is a great victory just around the corner?  Could it be that Satan had generated a storm to try and distract Jesus and His disciples from getting to Legion? 

Not only did Jesus care about the disciples at sea, but the very reason they were in the ship sailing to begin with was that Jesus cared.  He saw afar off Legion and cared.  If you ever question Jesus’ love for you, just look at the Cross! The greatest display of God’s love for the world is at the cross!  There were three things that held Jesus to the Cross that day but it wasn’t the three nails. The love of God, the grace of God, and the Mercy of God held Him there.  Let the question never be asked again, “Does Jesus Care?”  Friend, Jesus cares!  He cares about everything that goes on in your life whether it be big or small.  Whatever your struggle is today, bring it to Jesus.  Whatever your hurt, whatever your sorrow, bring it to Jesus.  Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.  1 Peter 5:7.

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