Great Is Thy Faithfulness – Daily Devotion for September 1st


Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Daily Devotional for September 1st

It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

Jeremiah lived in a very rough time in Israel. He witnessed his nation turn from God and in doing so, forsook their own protection. The Lord has always been willing to be our all in all, He only asks us to forsake our sin and receive Him; to let go of the destructive nature of sin and lay hold to eternal life.

Many people today are persuaded that they’ve gone too far and that God will not hear them if they cry out in their time of need. Although we realize that God asks us to forsake our sin, we also realize that He is so rich in mercy. Today, the blood of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to not simply cover your sin, but to cleanse you to a point where God will look upon you as if you never sinned. 

During the time of his writing this lamentation, Jeremiah had witnessed his people carried away captive and lose their own land. However he saw a loving and merciful God who was still willing to forgive sin and cleanse iniquity. The only thing preventing it was they would not come to Him. Many people want to blame God for life’s tragedies and problems saying that He has the ability to prevent them, not realizing that we reap the fruits of the life we have lived.

Are you as the backslidden Israel? Are you as the prodigal son?  Return unto God.  In the midst of seeming judgment, God’s mercy endures. You may have failed God and wonder if mercy will meet you when you come weeping before Him. God’s love will reach out to you. If you’ve strayed from the Shepherd, He longs to receive you back into the fold. He will forgive. If you will come with a broken and contrite spirit, He will in no wise cast you out. 

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AnchoredDevotionalI cannot stress enough the importance of daily devotion and what it has done in my own personal life.  After experiencing times of great victory, followed by times of great failures, I realized that something was not exactly right in my walk with the Lord.  I’m sure you’ve heard many people testify of the ups and downs in their Christian life.  We hear so much of the proverbial “spiritual rollercoaster” that it has been widely accepted as common Christianity.  Once I started taking time out each morning to seek God’s face for wisdom and direction through prayer and His Holy word, I started noticing that the ups and downs of my common Christian experience were no longer happening to the degree they were before.  It was like I had finally gotten off of the rollercoaster.

 Are you tired of living up one day and down the next?  If so, then set some time aside each morning; purpose in your heart to seek God daily.  If you will do this, your Christian life will become concreted, anchored, and stedfast and unmovable in Christ.  It is my prayer that this Daily Devotional will help you do just that.  It will help you develop a daily seeking of God’s face for circumstances you face.  Daily devotion is key to sailing victoriously.  I will update you when this becomes available for free eBook download in the Resource Store. 

Keep sailing brothers and sisters.

God Bless



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