Blessings that Follow the Sheep who follow the Shepherd – Daily Devotional for Monday October 3rd 2016


Blessings that Follow the Sheep who follow the Shepherd

Daily Devotional for Monday October 3rd 2016

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. Psalm 23:6

The unbelieving world today does not know the tragedy of what follows them when they are on the path of wickedness.  There are great trials and tribulations that catch up with the unsaved.  It’s really sad to see the destruction in the lives of those who choose to live for the devil.  While they blindly chase things of no profit, trouble is hard on their trail.

Sometimes in our lack of vision, we are limited to see only that we are following our Shepherd.  But the truth is, there is a rereward (protection from behind) to all who are in God’s sheepfold.  Many people trust in a preacher or a spiritual leader instead of trusting in the Lord Himself.  The Lord is able to do far more than an ordinary man can do for you.  Mortal man cannot protect you from behind while he is leading you, but Jesus can. 

The last verse of this wonderful Psalm of David speaks so much to us about the blessings that follow us.  God has ordained that, if you will stay in the fold, both goodness and mercy will follow you.  God desires no ill will at all toward you.  God desires mercy upon all of His creation.  It’s sad that we reject so much goodness and mercy when we reject Jesus as our shepherd; our provider.

If the Lord Jesus is your shepherd, then you are protected from the rear as well as the front.  He literally has your back!  Every Christian is totally enclosed with God’s protective hand.  Life is good in His care.  Will you make Jesus your shepherd?  As we have seen in this Psalm, Jesus will convince you that you shall not want.  Every need, whether it’s mental, physical, financial, spiritual, emotional, protection; every need is supplied.

The blessings of the Lord are exciting indeed, but the most important thing is where Jesus is leading us.  David said “I will dwell in the house the Lord forever.”  Our shepherd has Heaven in His view.  He’s leading you and l to glory!  Keep on pressing on!  Stay in the Lord’s sheepfold.  Will you choose to follow Him all the days of your life?  If so, then Heaven will be your destination. 

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